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Help power a new era of ethical medical research.

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How it works:

1. Sign up to become a Data Hero!

Just like donating blood, you can now contribute your data to research through medical data donation - even if you're healthy! If Data Donation has launched in your country, giving your consent only takes a few minutes!

2. We collect and anonymise donated data

We work directly with healthcare providers to retrieve medical records and remove all personal data before sharing it with researchers, to ensure patient privacy is protected.

3. You’re now helping power life-saving research!

Whether as a patient, healthcare provider or researcher, your participation is contributing to vital medical research, finding cures for diseases, and more!

Become a Data Hero today - it only takes a few clicks!

Medical data donation is done safely, privately and in a transparent manner – you can give or revoke consent at any time, and we do the rest!

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Donate Your Data

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Just like donating blood, but easier!

Donating blood, organs or bone marrow has saved lives for years, but donating medical data for research has been extremely difficult in the past. Our system changes that, no needles required!

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Help break data silos and support fellow scientists by contributing your data to our network.

Why is Medical Data Donation
so important?

Almost all progress in medicine in our modern world is dependent on data. From helping to find cures for diseases to improving healthcare and medical research, a global medical data donation system could help save countless lives by providing researchers with the large data sets they need!

Patients & Public

Just like donating blood helps saves lives, contributing your health records to medical science could help unlock cures to diseases and help discover new treatments for countless illnesses!

Healthcare Providers

Consent-based medical data altruism allows hospitals and clinics alleviate the costs of their legal obligations, while respecting patient privacy and autonomy, and fulfilling all regulatory requirements as well.


Better data means better medicine, and securing informed patient consent is vital to securing medical data for research. Our global and broad campaigns mean more data as well as more representative datasets.

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